COVID-19 Protocol

We have always had strict infection control and sterilization protocols as a fundamental service of the practice. With the presence of COVID-19, we have added new equipment and are implementing additional precautions to ensure that our office will be a safe place to receive your oral care.

Office Preparation

  • Added new barrier doors for every operatory to prevent aerosol transfer from room to room.
  • Added medical-grade air filtration systems with ultraviolet light in every operatory to trap particles and viruses down to 0.3 microns.
  • Installed a new double strength suction system for use during procedures to reduce aerosols & particle dispersion.
  • Disposable barriers per-patient. Coverings for chairs, X-Ray heads, keyboards, mice, lights… etc. Pretty much everything that we touch will be covered by a disposable barrier that will be tossed after every patient.
  • We will use an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer system that ionizes disinfecting liquids for broad and even coverage of all surfaces and crevices on a frequent basis.
  • Put in temper glass barrier in the waiting room area.
  • We have re-distributed the chairs in the waiting area to be 6 feet or more apart from each other.
  • Added touchless infra-red thermometers to screen our staff and patients
  • We will be screening all staff members daily to make sure they are free of any symptoms and fevers

We tried to think about every little detail when you are visiting us, so we have added some additional actions to ensure you are not exposed to any cross-contamination risks such as:

  • We switched our dark reusable disinfect-able shades that we used to offer you (to protect your eyes) with one-time use disposable eye shades
  • We switched our bib holders from re-usable clips to disposable ones
  • At the front desk, you’ll find a pen dispenser where you can get a one-time use (or yours to keep) pen for completing any paperwork.
  • Touch free water faucets and soap dispensers.

Patient Protocol

  • Patients are welcome to wait in the waiting room or wait in their car (we can text you when you are ready to be seen)
  • Patients should wear masks upon entering the practice and maintain them until they are seated in the treatment rooms
  • We will have hand sanitizer and encourage you to use it upon entry to the office, our restrooms and treatment rooms
  • We ask that you do not bring any additional companions to your appointment. Please arrange for any child or elderly care prior to arriving. Only patients needing to be seen that day should visit the office.
  • For our precious senior patients, we’ll assign certain hours to minimize having them at the same time with the rest of our patients
  • Prior to being seen, our patients will be asked to complete a symptoms survey as well as have their temperature taken using a touchless thermometer.
  • Every patient will be asked to swish with a solution (hydrogen peroxide) immediately before any procedure to disinfect the mouth and reduce the spread of unwanted microbes in the air.
  • Per the recommendation of the ADA, we have added per-patient PPE equipment and are using a new procedure charge code for this. The ADA is lobbying the dental insurance industry for 100% coverage of this fee, but few insurances are offering coverage for these expenses so far.

As for our staff, they have been trained and will help us implement these new protocols. Staff is checked daily for any COVID-19 symptoms and it will all be logged. As usual, doctors and hygienists will be using masks and face shields during procedures.

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